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Architecture, that respects your comfort

January 2015 - January 2018
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Comfortable residential building

Building commissioned

“Vash Dim” company erected a comfortable five-storeyed brick building in the city that is famous for its ancient castle Palanok.

Because of favourable location and convenient design planning the building embodies ideal harmony of place and quality.

On the first floor there are located staff facilities. In the courtyard there are areas for rest and children’s playground. Because the territory is closed for strangers owners of cars can park their cars with comfort and security. Four section brick building was made of inner concrete formwork and solid floor that helps to keep attractive view of the building for a long time and give comfort for its residents.

Due to architectural solution there was planned modern heating system «RockWool» that will additionally preserve warmth in homes. 24-hour cold and hot water supply from own water storage tanks and automatic suction pump will help to avoid problems with absence of water or its presence only in certain hours.

Technical peculiarities of the building:

  • number of floors: 5

  • number of sections: 4

  • number of flats: 40 (1-room: 8, 2-room: 24, 3-room: 8)

  • area of flats : 2573.00 sq.m.

  • area of trade-office spaces: 700.66 sq.m.

  • land plot area: 3920 sq.m.

  • site area: 1135 sq.m.

  • building height: 67.5 meters

  • modern speedy elevators

  • storey height: 3 meters

  • autonomous heating and water supply

  • 24-hour water supply

  • modern heat radiators with thermostatic controller

  • water, electricity and gas measuring for every flat

  • heat meter for every flat

  • telephone system

  • children playground.