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Architecture, that respects your comfort

January 2015 - January 2018
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Residential office complex of premium class

Building commissioned

Residential office complex of premium class is a balanced combination of all necessary characteristics that create residence of highest rate. Gorgeous architecture, luxury interior, modern construction technologies and location in the center of Uzhgorod.

General characteristics:

  • Number of storeys - 6

  • Number of flats - 34

  • Area of flats - 3449.17 sq.m.

  • Area of trade office spaces - 2333.31 sq.m.

  • Number of parking lots - 32

  • There are 8 parking lots for sale. Buyers of flats have privilege in buying parking lots.

  • Individual project

  • Underground parking area

  • Speedy elevators

  • Noiseproof wooden windows

  • Armoured entrance doors

  • Storey height - 3.3 meters

  • Indirect heating and water supply systems

  • Heat, water, electricity meters

  • Own transforming substation with two power supplies

  • Automatic fire-fighting system