Arrangement of internal water supply and sewerage systems

Till 6 p.m., 17.06.2016

Construction holding comprising companies Llc “Vash Dim”, Llc “Tekhnopark”, Llc “Progrestekhbud”, Llc “Autogarazh” invites you to take part in procurement auction for arangement of internal water supply and sewerage systems in multi-apartment residential buildings (sections 1, 2, 3) with service objects and underground parking on Pasichna Street in Lviv (“Villa Magnolia”).

If you have desire to take part in this procurement auction till 6 p.m. 17.06.2016 please send  the following to the email

1. Acknowledgement letter of project documentation;
2. Questions concerning project documentation;
3. Proposals concerning optimization or change of materials (equippment) to similar ones or those that have better technical characteristics;
4. Confirmation of acception the terms of the Contract/Protocol of differencies/correction of paragraphs that you don’t agree with.

It is possible that the procurement auction will be held in two phases. The first phase will be held by a customer itself: proposals from corporate participants will be collected, analysis of price and additional requirements will be held, and on the basis of these materials it will be determined if the second phase takes place.

If it is decided to continue procurement auction OJSC “Concern Galnaftogaz” bid team will determine the winner in the process of multistage price reduction.

We notice that the second phase of procurement auction is possible but not obligatory, that is why we ask to provide us with estimated cost with maximal corporate discount for this procurement auction.

In case if one phase of the procurement auction is held additional discounts, more favourable conditions with argumentation that “they were left for the second phase” will be ignored.

Thank you in advance for participation and we hope for effective cooperation.

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