“Universal investment group”

Universal investment group is a qualified financial consulting, effective business management, creation and profitable implementation of innovations, promotion of world standards of business and business culture.

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Concern “Galnaftogaz”

Ukrainian leading company main activity of which is retail trade of fuel and related products by means of petrol station chain “OKKO”. The company is one of the leaders on the oil products market.

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Insurance company “Universalna”

OJSC “Insurance company “Universalna" is among the first ten insurance companies in Ukraine. The company was founded in 1991 and now it is presented in all regions of Ukraine. By January, 1, 2016 regional chain of “Universalna” had been comprised over 300 salespoints in the whole country. “Universalna” offers services to individual and corporate clients and presents itself as retail insurance company.

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Concern “Khlibprom”

OJSC “Concern “Khlibprom” is one of the biggest enterprises on Ukrainian bread market that daily produces 300 tons of goods - bread, bakery, confectionery and dough products. The structure of the company consists of 8 processing companies that are located in Lviv and Vinnytsa regions.

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Business-city “Tekhopark”

Business-city is an extensive project of the real estate development company “Tekhopark” which has no analogues in Western Ukraine. It is a business center which activity makes Lviv a business capital of the region. Eight modern office buildings which are situated on area of over 63,000 sq.m., thousands of working places, developed infrastructure, wide variety of services and atmosphere of success.

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Construction company “Progrestekhbud”

Компанією надаються послуги генпідрядника, будівництва та реконструкції промислових та житлових об’єктів. Компанія має досвід генерального підрядника у будівництві, власний парк машин, механізмів та обладнання, відповідний кадровий потенціал дає можливість компанії гарантувати замовнику якісне та своєчасне будівництво об’єктів будь-якої складності.

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“Links Laboratories” company

Production of household, automobile, building chemicals and oil and gas production chemicals. The company was registered in November, 10, 2005 with Llc “Ukrainian polimer” and is a part of a group of companies of “Valtekh” (Waltech Actiengesellschaft, Lichtenstein, Switzerland). In December 2008 there was finished construction of a plant in Stryy.

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Energy saving

Production and supply of heat energy.

Agency of economic security “Effort”